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Iranian Hackers and Theme Change

This weekend, I was surprised to find the getting turned into the so called Iranian hackers’ mouthpiece against America and Israel, and that too unknown to me!!

I got the following front page for

After some frantic efforts with the admin of my web host, I have now changed the theme, and restored the site to its original contents.

One never realizes what it means one’s site to be hacked, until one experiences it.

Reach for the Sky … A Parasailing experience

I had my first wonderful Parasailing experience when I visited the town of Diveagar in Konkan as a part of an adventure camp in 2006.

Diveagar beach is a spectacular and clean site. The parasailing team attached our chutes to the back of a jeep and drove over the beach at high speed. We reached nearly 100 feet in the air.

The videos were shot with my Nikon Coolpix 4300 digital camera. The camera has a capacity to shoot low-res videos of max 40 seconds without sound! Doesn’t it sounds so primitive now? Still the information captured in those low-res videos was so interesting that I decided to make this little video of my own here. Hope you like it.

You can watch this video on youtube here:

Reach for the Sky ... A Parasailing experience