A Comic about Making Comics


These are 2 initial (unfinished) pages I did last week for my ‘Comic on Making Comics’

Few days back, ComixIndia.com asked for submissions. The topic? Short ‘comics’ about making comics. In essence, some form of graphic narrative which would be useful for any comics creator in making of comics.

I initially decided NOT to participate for 2 reasons:

1. I want to finish the current story I am working on as soon as possible (I am working on it since more than 5 months now)

2. I have already read ‘Making Comics’ by Scott McCloud and ‘Comics – the Sequencial Art’ by Will Eisner, and felt that there was nothing more to say about making comics. I also felt that I would not be able to avoid copying these masters if I did venture into this arena.

When my concious mind was made up not to participate, my subconcious mind started generating new ideas for this project. My resistance to these ideas lasted exactly 1 and a half days before I gave in and started sketching down the ideas on paper.

Last week I completed the 11 page draft of a preliminary guide for a comic to make comics. Then I finished rough sketching of all 11 pages and inking of 3 pages by last weekend. I am working on 8th page now, and intend to finish this by coming weekend.

To complete this project faster than my usual ones, I employed a more cartoony style of drawing, as opposed to the more realistic style I frequently use. The emphasis is on clean, sharp, continuous lines, and less shading. You may not find much of intricate shading here.  Someday soon, I am also planning to color it. When it’s done, I will release it as a free PDF download.

Keep watching this space for more.

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