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I recently (to be precise 3.5 hours ago) put the following text related to comics creation on the discussion board. Thought to share it here as well.

The admin had thrown up some questions related to comics creation, and I provided my thoughts on the same. Your comments welcome as always.

1. How does a newbie learn how to create comics?
Ans –
— Read read read, keep an open mind (most important).
— Keep in mind that comics are ’stories told in pictures’, not only ‘children’s superhero books’
— Put your ideas on paper / digital format, visualiza things, draw them.
— Keep high level of persistance and perseverence

2. Are there any books? Can anyone give tips?
Ans –
— The comics triology from Scott Mccloud
1. Understanding Comics
2. Reinventing comics
3. Making comics
I have read ‘Making Comics’, and found it to be the bible of comics making. I have ordered ‘Understanding Comics’. Will give feedback when I receive it.

There’s also one book from Will Isner called ‘Comics – The Sequential Art’ which is worth reading.

Quick Tips – If you want to make comics digitally, visit my site
Go to section Comics -> Tutorials. It describes the drawing, inking and lettering process for digital comics

3. Does one have to be a great artist to draw comics?
Ans –
Nope, you have to be good at visualizing and entertainment, not necessarily drawing. is one of the most popular comic website, and the guy draws ball and stick figures for humans!

4. Are basic drawing skills enough to create comics?
Ans – No. Comics are not for diaplying the drawing skills, they are for TELLING STORIES in pictures. So along with basic drawing skills, you will need story telling skills (and many more)

5. Can one person create a 30 page comic in one month?
Ans – A person can create a 30 page comic in one day !! There’s an event in US every year called 24 hour comic, in which various people create a 24 page comic (each) from scratch, in 24 hours!
On the other hand, I take nearly 10-12 hours to finish drawing a page (in B&W). For coloring I take another 12-15 hours/page.

It really depends on how much detail you want to show, how many panels are in a page, and many more factors.

Hope this helps current and potential comics creators

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