Zambavali, Goa

This pen,inks and watercolros sketch is done off a photo shared by Ramnath Bhat, a friend from Urban Sketchers group. This is from a place called Zambavali in Goa.

Abandoned Vehicles

Sometimes, unpleasant situations present an unexpected opportunity. Last week, I was stuck in a traffic jam when I noticed these abandoned vehicles lying on the roadside, about 20 meters from me.

Thanks to the traffic jam, I could take some photos using my cellphone cam. Completed this sketch today. Done using pen, inks and watercolors.

Poster for OP Nayyar Show of Expressions Surabhi Group

Yesterday, another rocking show of Expressions Surabhi group happened in Pune. This time it was O.P. Nayyar Hits. The show was a grand success.

I painted a digital image commemorating OP Nayyar and his exceptional musical career. The painting was printed onto a flex and served as a backdrop (15 X 7.5 feet in size) for the program.

Wai Sketching Trip with Pune Urban Sketchers

On Sunday, I traveled to the towns of Wai and Menawali with Pune Urban Sketchers. It was an absolute blast. Wai Ghat (riverfront) accompanied by the temple is absolutely stunning.
I managed to do 3 sketches at Wai. After that we traveled to nearby village of Menawali. It’s home to the ancestral house of Nana Fadanvis, one of the most influential diplomat in the Maratha Empire in the 18th century. I completed 2 sketches (both involving old doors) near the house.
Both these locations are sketchers’ paradise, and all 40 of us came back home in the night with very sore hands, and very high spirits!


Wai Ghat

Nana Fadanvis House, Menawali


Time to get to the basics! I felt a need to do some practice with basics, and started with this tree. This is done off a photo I had clicked with my cellphone cam a few months ago. Emphasis was on getting the textures and shadow contrast right.


Did this quick sketch of a flower today. Oil on canvas 10″ X 10″. Time 30-40 mins.


Orangutan monkey sketch, done using Pigma Micron pens. Had a lot of fun drawing the peculiar texture of the face and the ample fur!

Solaris – My first Multi-Canvas Abstract

This is my first multi canvas abstract ..commissioned by a friend. This is done on 4 canvas boards, two of size 16″ X 20″ (first and the last), and two of size 12″ X 24″ (middle two). Total size 64″ X 32″ (5’4″ X 2’8″). Painted in Acrylics.

Had immense fun painting this 🙂