Hanuman Temple at Yerawada

Yesterday I took a stroll with my sketchbook in my hand post lunch. I came across this tiny temple, not more than 6-7 feet in height. It was nestled in a banyan tree, and even some banyan tree roots had penetrated the marble of the temple.

As I started rapidly sketching the temple stading on the footpath, the caretaker Mr Jagtap arrived and offered me to come inside and sketch. Since he did not have a chair, he made a makeshift one for me using few planks and made me sit comfortably. He showed me his sketchbook.

He is also fond of sketching and was really happy to see me sketch. After I had to abruptly stop due to arrival of sudden monsoon showers, he even brought me tea. It was such an interesting and touching experience. It seems sketching has become the new universal language 🙂


Gazing at the Sea

A serene sunny day, cool breeze from the emerald sea, waves lapping at distant rocks, and a flock of birds flying on the wind. A picture perfect setting!

Oil on canvas 24″ X 12″

Old Truck

I was driving down the Yerawada area few days ago, when I came across this old truck parked at the roadside. I quickly captured few snaps and drew this today.
Pen, inks, watercolors on paper.

Bungalow on Prabhat Road

Prabhat road in Pune is home to many beautiful houses and bungalows made from stones and shingles. Though many of them are succumbing to modern high rises, this one still stands proud among lush greenery.

I clicked a photo of this one while passing by some weeks ago, and here it is, rendered using technical pens and (a tiny little bit of) black brush pen.