The Lone Canoe

Steps to make a painting:
1. Create a composition after lot of thinking and planning.
2. Copy the composition on canvas. Paint the blue sky and blue water for one hour.
3. Get frustrated with results and start over again.
4. Paint dark blue sky and water for another hour. Satisfied with the results, paint some clouds for another 30 mins.
5. Get frustrated with the results, paint the entire canvas black and start over again.
6. Paint the picture WITHOUT GIVING UP!

Oils on canvas 8″ X 24″.

Flat Tire Art!

This is a beautiful bunglow surrounded by lush foliage on Agriculture College road, Pune. My bike happens to have a flat tire right in front of this, and while I was getting it repaired, I got a few photographs with my phone cam. Yesterday I completed this using pen and ink.