Photoplasty – Me and Aparna @ Alaskan Cruise

This is one dream we cherish, travel on the Alaskan Cruise. I did this to try out the new digital technique I learned – Layer Masks

This is original image 1 – downloaded from Internet

This is our picture shot in our home.

This is the photoplasty result

This is done in GIMP, using Wacom Intuos 4 tablet.


Dragon, Damsel and Distress

This is a one page comic I wrote and illustrated for a comic strip competition. This is also the first poem written by me :). Done in GIMP, ArtRage studio and Inkscape on Wacom Intuos 4.

Mountain Pilgrims

There’s a city in the distant lands, beyond the mountains, upon the sunny lands. It’s the city of hopes and prosperity. It’s the city of opportunity. And lots of pilgrims and travelers from other lands make a journey via the treacherous terrain to this city.

Yesterday I learned about a new lighting technique which I promptly used in this picture. Painted in GIMP on Wacom Intuos 4.

Shani Mandir

Yesterday I visited the Mrutyunjayeshwar Mandir in Pune for a group sketching event. Several art enthusiasts in Pune had gathered to come together, inspire each other and do some sketches together. I did the initial pencil sketch of this small Shani Mandir outside the temple. It has an idol inside, but it was barely visible through all the leaves and flowers bestowed upon it. I completed the picture in my spare time in the night using Pigma fine point pens and a black brush pen.

We have Visitors!

A busy, chaotic, clean and green city of skyscrapers, gardens, water bodies and highways. A seemingly normal day brings large shadows of some alien ships, bringing along the uncertainty and anxiety. Are they friends or foes, are they visitors or invaders?

A quick experimental piece done in Artrage studio.