Bathing Beauty

Bathing beauty, the last pic from me this year. Have a happy new year 2013.

This one started as a pen and ink sketch on paper. Then I scanned it in, and completed coloring in GIMP.



Sunset by the Beach

I love the beaches! Everyone has different ideas about why they love the sea and the beaches. For me, the sea shore provides ideal setting for meditation and introspection. I can sit silently for hours listening to the quiet rhythm of the waves splashing against the seashore. They bring back a flood of memories, some sweet, some bitter. But I always feel very grateful for the family and friends I have got, who are responsible for creating those memories with me :-).

I have tried to capture that mood in this pen and ink sketch of four friends.

Self Portrait – Noir

This one started as a completely different concept from what you see here, but I changed course midway to make this noir style self portrait. Done digitally on Wacon Intuos using GIMP.

Joker – again!

These are 2 sketches of Heath Ledger in his immortal role as The Joker in The Dark Knight. These are done freehand from a photo reference. I sketched the one of the right using Pigma Brush  pen, while the one one the left is done using Pigma fine point pens.


A face study – Digital

This is one face study using my Wacom tab, done freehand in GIMP. Used a photo reference just for pose and light. This looks nothing like the original photo. Used a different technique. First blocked out the broad shapes using base colors, then zoomed in with details. No initial pencil sketch done for this.