Meeting Art

What do you do when you are stuck in endless meetings? Find beauty in the most mundane objects, of course!

Meeting Art!

Boring unproductive meetings are when the demons in my head long to come out.

Ball point pen on hand made paper. 45 mins.

Wall Painting in a Restaurant

Yesterday I had a lunch with my wife in a restaurant, Metro Mix, in Pune. The walls of Metro Mix are adorned with some very pretty Mario Miranda style illustrations. While I was sitting there waiting for my food, I drew out this wall using ball pens. Total drawing time 10 mins.

Last few days, I had the opportunity to interact with, and learn from the great ball point pen artist, Shirish Deshpande. Till I saw his profile on Facebook, I had never imagined that such works of art can be created using the humble ball point pens available in the next door stationary shop.

I recently got a chance to learn the art and technique of creating a painting using ball point pens. The following are 2 sketches done during the course.

This is a beach house copied from a fantasy graphic novel. I did this to get a feel of how ball point pens behave, particularly for lighted and shadow areas.

I did this sketch as part of a practice session during the training course.