Tree of Love

My first tryst with the Abstract!

Tree of Love is a sketch where I have attempted drawing human like figures in tree shapes. Since nature has bestowed trees with the widest variety of abstract shapes, I thought of using these to create this piece of art.

I did this in GIMP using my Wacom Intuos 4 tablet. Total drawing time was close to 1 hour 15 mins, though I had planned this in an ‘important’ work meeting in the morning!!

Killer from the Future

This is my tribute to that relentless (and remorseless) killer from the future, The Terminator.

Done freehand in GIMP, drawing time 1 hours approx.

Comic – Science Is Always Right

I had written this 4 page comic story, ‘Science is Always Right’, for the Kolkata based Kindle Magazine. I was requested to write a 4 page graphic story related to the topic ‘The End of The World in 2012’.

This did not get published due to some last minute logistic issues, but here it is: